Homemade Sketchbook 2

After having my old sketchbook ruefully snatched from me by my evil ex-tutors. I made a brand spanking new one complete with a leather spine and a bark cover form an ash tree . It's not really finished, but I'm not going to finish it anytime soon so I thought I'd post it now.


  1. they would also make very nice photo albums or somewhere for all your memories <3

  2. amazingggg! make the one out of hocus pocus with the eye ^_^
    gema x

  3. Great book cover---may I ask how do you prepare the bark so that it is flat? do you have to steam it, or do you just flatten it out while it is fresh? from a living tree (oh no, you made a zombie tree!)?

  4. @ Maria Tudor yes they would, would you like one =)??

    @ Gema YAY ^_^! Ok you get the stuffs, I’ll need a metre squared sheet of human skin and a human eye GO =)!

    @ nosleepingdogs Thank You! In answer to your question: I flattened the bark out and sandwiched it in-between to sheets of glass, then briefly dried the bark in a homemade dryer and immediately glued it on to two pre-cut pieces of ply wood and.. voila =) Yea it was living =S but Ash trees are considered weeds so I feel a bit better =) Ha Ha, nar it’s a Zombie book... Or a Frankenstein book =).

    Thanks for the comments!