New Website! Boney.

Website Design. This is my personal website based around my nickname "Boney" using a caveman character to represent me. I choose Boney because I feel like it’s a versatile word with lots of redesign potential.
I will only post here Henceforth.



How I Proposed.


Proposal Pals.

I Wanted to do something different for my Proposal and after a very long time thinking, designing, creating then re-re-re-designing... This is what I produced a set of plush toys named The Proposal Pals. The concept is simple the name of each toy represents the four words every proposal needs, Will You Marry Me.

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This one is named Will-e. He's A Robot and the ring bearer.
This one is named Louise (my girlfriends name) She's an owl.
This one is named Mary, she's a Turtle.
And finally this one is named Luke (my name) he's a Penguin.
And Together they are the Proposal Pals. From left to right 
Will, Louise, Mary, Luke?
She said yes.
The labels front and back.

As featured on hitched.co.uk

Thanks for viewing my work!
Email: zombieworm@live.co.uk


Working man in deep thought

I found this sack and kind of felt for the man on the cover. He looked like he was in deep though. So I made a collage of what he was thinking =)


Sad Dragon T-Shirt Design

Here's my first T-Shirt design for threadless.com It's a little illustration I did for a children's book idea I had which I might still do ^_^ .

Back to Gherkins

I thought my gherkin illustration would look good on a t-shirt turns out... no there's too many colours and a looks poo. Anyhoo, here's my failed attempt.


Influence Blog Header

I’ve made an Influence blog it was real fun doing and taught me loads of new techniques and with coding, illustrator and blogger. Each header is designed for a separate people: the highland cow is mine, the Lemur Is my brother Ryan’s and the Lady bug is my girlfriend’s Louise we’ll hopefully be alternating each week and uploading each week with things that we like =)


STUMBLE- http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/WeLikeThisStuff/reviews/

Whittled Wooden cup

I decided to make a cup, so I did, and this is it. I made it with an axe, a spoon knife, a drill (to make the hole) and sand paper preserving it with vegetable oil.

Tire Flower pot


This isn't my Idea, I don't really know whose Idea it is. But I thought it was a cool and cleaver way to use up an old tire. It was hard work but it looks great and was FUN!


Fabric Birthday Cake Card


I made my Girlfriend a Birthmas Cake... Card thing with a cardboard home. Made from fleece and knickers, it opens up to read ‘Happy birthday Louise I Love You’ inside the Jamy bit ^_^


Cat Bird House

Just made this for fun they kind of look like feline sex dolls =S I am selling them so if you have a bird that what’s housing or a cat that wants pleasing =) email me zombieworm@live.co.uk for more details price is £25.00.