Sleeping Tree Dog

This is a chemical stain on light sensitive paper it was completely accidental but I like it, it looks like a dog sleeping on a tree =).


  1. did you leave that out at home?
    you could use though shades to create images on tracing paper. yeah i saw the dog sleeping on tree also = D

  2. No It happened when I was developing my own photos at home, I forgot to put the photo paper in the stop chemical, so it went straight from the developer into the fix :S I might just do that James =)

  3. have you made a dark room at home? i wanted to do that, its such a qwerty idea!
    did you buy the chemicals off the internet?
    can you upload a picture of your dark room? this made me really excited = D

    Luke = D

  4. The dark rooms just my own room, it’s got blackout blinds so no light gets in at all, and I used a single red led light to light my room =S. And as for the chemicals I asked Hugh for them and he gave me them... bless him =). xxx